Career Profile

Hi There! My name is Gleb, I live in the Netherlands, I’m a twice happy father and passionate software engineer 🚀

With over 15 years of experience in the IT industry, I have amassed extensive hands-on expertise in the design and development of cloud-native and data-intensive applications, as well as microservices and distributed platforms.

My core competencies encompass the following:

  • Systems design and implementation: deep understanding of architecting robust and scalable systems, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

  • Technical leadership: leading cross-functional teams, guiding them towards successful project delivery and fostering a collaborative and innovative work environment.

  • Development automation: implementing automation strategies to streamline the software development lifecycle, enhancing efficiency and productivity.


Senior Backend Engineer | Consultant

Jul 2022 - Present
Sytac, Netherlands

I have been providing IT consulting services to clients across diverse industries, including banking and manufacturing. Leveraging my extensive and up-to-date IT expertise, I assist these clients in implementing cutting-edge solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Mission Critical Engineer | Consultant

Jul 2022 - Jul 2023
Schuberg Philis, Netherlands

I have been working as a consultant for a Dutch multinational brewing company, specifically focusing on an IoT platform. Throughout my involvement, I have made significant contributions to the enhancement of monitoring/observability tools, APIs, and improvements to the CI/CD platform.

Lead Software Engineer | Contractor

Dec 2014 - Jun 2022

Since its inception in 2019, I have been leading the development of an Event-Streaming platform. In this role, I have been responsible for handling technical and design aspects related to implementing the architecture and dataflow of core pipeline components. Additionally, I have overseen security measures, monitoring activities, troubleshooting, and CI/CD processes. Notably, the platform has the capability to process over 1,000 events per second. Before undertaking this role, I was heavily involved in the development of a Search Engine for Patent information. This project involved enabling real-time search functionality across billions of documents.

Senior Software Engineer

Sep 2009 - Nov 2014
Sam Solutions, Belarus

I have been actively engaged in the design and development of vendor-specific datacenter management solutions. Over the course of my five-year tenure, I transitioned into a Team Leader position, specifically overseeing a project focused on the integration of VMWare products within datacenters.


Connected Brewery IoT Platform

Golang | AWS | Terraform | Docker | Grafana | InfluxDB | MySQL | Datadog | Github
The Connected Brewery IoT is a platform that provides intelligent support to shop floor workers by collecting sensor data from various sources within the brewery and storing it in a data lake. The collected data is subsequently utilized to generate real-time insights and facilitate the development of specific use cases in dedicated environments.
Contribution: Platform support, Observability improvements, CI/CD, API development

Data Enrichment Platform

Java 11 | Kubernetes | Kafka | Spring [Cloud Dataflow | Cloud Stream | Cloud Function | Batch | Boot] | MongoDB
The Data Enrichment Platform is a flexible software platform for performing data enrichment by executing various algorithms on a collection of documents, retrieved from a certain data source system. The enrichment result are often annotated texts and images, but can also be new documents/images/etc., e.g. in case of machine translation.
Contribution: Platform Setup & Deployment, Stream components implementation, CI/CD, Monitoring & Alerting Setup, Performance Tests


Java 8 | Kubernetes | ElasticSearch | Lucene | ANTLR | Spring | Hibernate | JUnit | Maven
Ansera is a search engine for patent information. The goal is to deliver highly relevant documents before the examiner starts working on a patent application. It provides search with plain text (find similar), custom domain-specific query language, and search for similar figures.
Contribution: DSL grammar implementation, AST to Lucene translation, Custom search queries

Event Service

Java | Spring | Hibernate | Flex | H2database | SBLIM CIM Client | SNMP4j | SOAP | JUnit | Maven
Event Service is an extension to VMWare vCenter which uses polling-based approach to handle servers monitoring events through CIM and SNMP indications. Through Event Service extension VMWare Infrastructure (e.g. vSphere Web Client plugins) can operate vendor-specific information.
Contribution: Implementation the SNMP protocol, user authentication mechanism, SSL certificates verification, performance tuning, requirements analysis, team management, documentation


Java | Tomcat | Jetty | Hibernate | Spring | Apache Wicket | Quartz | H2database | MS SQL | PostgreSQL | JUnit | SMNP4j | IPMI | WinPCAP | SBLIM CIM Client
The goal of SPM is a monitoring and managing power consumption of PRIMERGY servers. SPM supports discovery and tracking for these servers and power management using IPMI, SNMP, CIM, CLP protocols.
Contribution: Implementation the CLP protocol, SOAP part implementation, performance tuning


Java | Swing | Hibernate | MS SQL | PostgreSQL | IPMI | Ganymed SSH | Maverick SSH | Quartz | Apache Ant | JUnit | Mockito | PowerMock
The goal of the project is allow the configuration and management the input/output parameters of the PRIMERGY Blade Servers as well as the LAN connection modules and Intelligent Blade Panel (IBP), virtualizing and saving the server blade-specific I/O parameters in a hardware-independent server profile.
Contribution: Support of IPMI protocol, encryption algorithms (HMAC-SHA1, HMAC-SHA1-96, AES-CBC-128), SSH performance improvements, build system improvements, bugfixing, requirements analysis, team management, documentation